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K Konnect Benefits KOLD Partners KILVER Partners KRONZE Partners
Welcome Kit
Dedicated Account Manager
K-Points Rewards
Rebates *
Sales leads opportunity 1ST PRIORITY 2ND PRIORITY 3RD PRIORITY
Deal Registration/Price Protection 6 months validity by default (extension via justification) 3 months validity by default (extension via justification) 1 month validity by default (extension via justification)
Demo unit Purchase Discount
Pre Sales/Joint Site Visit/POC ( Priority ) ( Best Availability ) ( Case to Case )
Exclusive invite to Tech Titan Distribution (Formerly known as K Now Distribution) event SELECTED SELECTED
Co marketing/joint program SELECTED SELECTED
Regular newsletter and update
Tech Titan Distribution (Formerly known as K Now Distribution) Channel Council
Technical phone support
Dedicated e-mail support
Onsite Sales Training
Hands on Sales Training
Hands on Technical Training
Certification Training

* Rebate – Must meet minimum 80% of given Quota to be eligible (Special discount order/s will be entitled on a case to case basis upon pre approval).

About K Konnect

K Konnect Program rewards you with great benefits and unlimited opportunities. There are different levels to match the needs, dynamics and capabilities of our partners. Your performance and engagement with us will determine your rewards and support, plus the opportunity to rise to the next level.

K Konnect Program commitments:

  • We are committed to partner profitability
  • We are 100% channel focused and never take a deal direct
  • We commit to delivering you the best technology to service your customers
  • We commit to being easy to make money with


    Kold Partner is highly active Tech Titan Distribution (Formerly known as K Now Distribution) partner. Tech Titan Distribution offers Kold Partner many additional sales and marketing benefits including, dedicated account management, proposal based promotional co-funding, lead generation and protection, access to sales and marketing programs, solution training and incentives. To reflect and reward your achievements, Tech Titan Distribution provides quarterly business reviews to help increase profits.


    Becoming a Kilver Partner opens the door to a lucrative range of benefits, such as training, sales and marketing support. It builds a strong foundation for a good partnership with Tech Titan Distribution (Formerly known as K Now Distribution). Tech Titan Distribution will closely assist you to move to a higher status level.


    The Kronze Partner status is an excellent starting place for partners to begin engaging with Tech Titan Distribution (Formerly known as K Now Distribution). Take your place as a Kronze Partner and you will gain an introduction into the Tech Titan Distribution Partner Program, and gain valuable advice and direction to grow your business.

    How to join?


    Step 1 : You must be a Tech Titan Distribution (Formerly known as K Now Distribution) Partner in order to participate in this program. Not yet a Tech Titan Distribution partner? Please apply as Tech Titan Distribution Partner today. Click Here


    Step 2 : Complete the Online K Konnect Form. Click Here


    Criteria KOLD Partner KILVER Partner KRONZE Partner
    Actual Annual Revenue RM600K / P.A RM300K / P.A Over RM100K / P.A
    Contracts Channel Partner Agreement (CPA) Channel Partner Agreement (CPA) Channel Partner Agreement (CPA)
    Training requirement 2 Sales and 2 Technical 1 Sales and 1 Technical 1 Sales or 1 Technical
    Product Certification 3 Certifications 2 Certifications 1 Certification
    Funnel Visibility Required for
  • Deals > RM30K
  • Required for
  • Deals > RM20K
  • Required for
  • Deals > RM10K

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